Letters to the Netherlands: All is well with us in America

One of the more wonderful discoveries in my family history research has been a collection of turn-of-the-century letters written by my maternal great-great grandfather from Iowa to some of his family and friends who remained in the Netherlands. His letters are part of a larger collection of Dutch immigrant letters kept in the archives of the Christian Reformed Church on the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They were written in Dutch and translated by an unknown translator. My great-great grandfather writes of both mundane and spiritual matters and of both good and challenging times. I’ll periodically post very brief excerpts, as translated:

“Dear Friend and dear children …

“Peace and mercy be granted unto you by Him who alone is able to give you peace, is my sincere wish. Well, friends … and children, we can inform you that we are all happy — all is well with us in America — by God’s grace — and we were privileged to hear this from you also. We were pleased to hear that the Lord had made all things well thus far. It might have been quite different, isn’t that true? Oh, yes, the Lord does not deal with us as we deserve nor according to our sins, but according to the greatness of His mercy, and He comes to do all things well …”

May, 1890

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