Locating Dutch ancestors

All of my mother’s known ancestors came from the Netherlands and she grew up in a community of predominantly Dutch ancestry, so I’ve always known quite a bit about this part of my heritage. Strands of mystery remained, though, regarding a few ancestors’ communities of origin in the Netherlands. A helpful site, shared with me by a distant cousin, is Genlias (click site at top for English). It set me on a course toward  learning more about certain ancestors, including a great-grandmother for whom I had only an Americanized name and, from a Census form, the Americanized names of her parents. Because records at Genlias are in Dutch, it helped to know, for example, that John on the Census form was probably Jan in Dutch records. You can also search using only the first few letters of a name. By searching various versions of her parents’ names within about a 10-year window, I found a promising marriage record that listed where each of them was born (in separate small villages near each other) and where they were married (a larger town nearby). I’m still verifying information with other records, but this was a promising lead and just one example of how I’ve used Genlias.  You can learn more at Trace Your Dutch Roots.

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3 Responses to Locating Dutch ancestors

  1. Nancy says:

    So glad I stopped by your blog. We were introduced on GeneaBloggers the same week, and I’m just now getting around to visiting. This is a great resource for Dutch ancestry. My Dutch line came over in the very early days of New York. I’ll be interested to follow your blog. If you have a chance, I’d love to have you stop by mine.

    • ljhlaura says:

      So glad you stopped by! Yes, Genlias has been a great resource. Not all the records seem to be there yet, but it has certainly opened some doors for me and also allowed me to verify information. Your blog has a wonderful theme — and I’ll look forward to learning more about your New York Dutch ancestors … an interesting part of American history!

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