More on locating Dutch ancestors … wie was wie

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the resources available for Dutch genealogy. I’ve had great success using the popular Genlias site to find Dutch records — mostly ancestral marriage records that have helped confirm the names of ancestors’ parents, as well as their occupations and birth places in the Netherlands. It’s been tremendously helpful, as indicated in my previous post about it here. However, after struggling to find a birth record for my great-grandfather Vanden Bosch, I learned that some birth records had not yet been added to Genlias. Then recently, while skimming Dutch genealogy sites — specifically, Trace Your Dutch Roots — I came upon a link to a newer site, Wiewaswie (who was who).  I did a quick search there for the Vanden Bosch birth record … and found it in no time at all. Very exciting!  It allowed me to confirm my great-grandfather’s birth place and the legitimacy of other records. To be clear, what I found was data from the record, not the original record. I presume that acquiring a scan of an existing record requires a subscription. The google English translation of Wiewaswie did not seem as smooth as the English version of Genlias, but it is readable … and a quick, free search proved rewarding. I’m sure I’ll continue to use both of these sites as long as they’re available. Trace Your Dutch Roots, as always, provides more information.

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