Military Monday: Honoring veterans … like my dad

On Veterans Day I made a visit to the Veterans Memorial in Georgetown, Texas, and photographed this brick that pays tribute to my dad — one among many bricks honoring individual veterans on the plaza. It’s just a bit of more recent family history. Thank you to all who have served and are serving.

Military Monday is a weekly prompt from Geneabloggers encouraging family history bloggers to post images, stories and records of ancestors’ service in the military.

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4 Responses to Military Monday: Honoring veterans … like my dad

  1. Jana Last says:

    Wow! That’s really cool! Did you pay to have this brick installed with his name on it or was it placed there by the Veterans Memorial organization there? Either way, a very nice tribute to your dad.

    • ljhlaura says:

      Many thanks, Jana. The cost of the bricks and inscriptions is paid by the individuals and goes toward the building of the plaza and memorial. The plaza currently has many, many bricks with many, many names!

  2. Sheryl says:

    The college my son attended had bricks in a sidewalk that alumni could buy and put their names on. I thought that it would be a fun thing for him to get one–and then he could come back over the years and see it. But he didn’t get one because he was concerned about the cost (which, of course, made sense, too.)

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