RootsTech 2018: Day 2

rootstech_column_croppedOne thing’s for sure about RootsTech … there’s never a lack of things to do. One of the hardest parts is choosing … and staying organized.

Today I started with the opening session, listening to Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York. I was not surprised by the story of how he began his blog but enjoyed hearing it. Creating the moments he does with his subjects, and doing it routinely, is not the kind of life’s work one can really plan in advance. He shows that a story can be present in just a photo and a few words and that sometimes when you want to know about someone, you just need to ask. He is an effective presenter and it’s not hard to see how he gains the trust of his subjects.

I also found time for the Expo Hall today … which is bustling, lively, and frankly, a little overwhelming. So much to see. However, this year I had a little more direction because I had a couple of specific tasks and targeted questions for the folks at RootsMagic and FTDNA. Success in both cases. I otherwise wandered from booth to booth, surveying what was there for further exploration tomorrow.

Norway_ArchivesThe morning and afternoon sessions I attended on Ancestry DNA, Living DNA, and finding relatives in the Norwegian Digital Archives, were all informative and gave me ideas for questions or projects to pursue going forward. I downloaded info on Dutch records and indexes for later reading. And I discovered that the FamilySearch matches I have at the conference are mostly from a few lines on my paternal grandmother’s side. I didn’t get to all the sessions I had scheduled because I found myself needing a break at a certain point in the day … which is how I made my way to the Expo Hall … and then to the cool air outside, exploring a small bit of downtown in the late afternoon.

It’s hard to fit in everything I’d like to do. Time flies by at RootsTech.

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