Rootstech 2018: Day 3

rootstechsignThe third day of RootsTech (my second full day) was excellent from top to bottom. The morning session with Scott Hamilton was inspiring, and the breakout sessions were uniformly excellent.

Hamilton was interesting and authentic. I wasn’t bored for a single minute listening to his story … from his family to his skating to the insights he has gained through it all.

I also learned a lot from the morning and afternoon breakout sessions, including  one on cluster genealogy and one on Ancestry’s genetic circles and migrations. I came away with some new approaches to try with my own research and DNA results. A session on RootsMagic was helpful enough that I ended up buying the discounted program at the Expo Hall before the day was over. And trust me, I’m no impulse buyer. I had already downloaded the free version, having trouble deciding among the various program options. I wonder what took me so long to dive into genealogy software.

FHL2I devoted the late afternoon and evening hours to the Family History Library and the Expo Hall. As happened with my previous visit to the library, I found I had too little time to explore all that was there. One of these times I need to plan a trip that will allow me to devote a full day to library work. It would help to come with specific questions to answer. Each time I’ve visited, I’ve been wowed by all that is available. I found some ancestors in the index to the “Volksvriend” Dutch newspaper in Orange City, Iowa, which I will have to pursue. And in another interesting moment, I sat down with a heavy, 730-page history of Hamilton County, Iowa, pulling it open to a completely random page, right to an article on descendants of my great-great-great Uncle Lars. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

As this is an abbreviated RootsTech visit for me, I head home tomorrow. I am sorry to be missing the Saturday events but look forward to catching them online before long. I’m hoping the approaching snow tonight does not create travel disruptions tomorrow. General reflections … with photos … to follow.

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3 Responses to Rootstech 2018: Day 3

  1. Amy says:

    Glad you had a good time!

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