Learning genealogy …

genresearchWhile some other folks may be enjoying lazy days or summer travel this season, I’ll be hunkered down with my books and computer studying genealogy. I enrolled in the summer session of the 15-week genealogical research course offered online through Boston University’s Center for Professional Education. It lasts through August.

I am four weeks in, and this is the first moment I’ve managed to set aside to dash off this post. I’d heard the course was somewhat intense, and this turns out to be true. I’m learning a lot and finding it rewarding. I just don’t have excessive time for summer relaxation or frolicking … or for blogging. For now. Homework calls.

It’s okay, though. Where I live, there comes a point in the summer where I’d just as soon be inside most of the time with the air conditioning and a cold beverage (okay, sometimes coffee). I’m just, for a moment, exchanging the novels, biographies, and current affairs books for titles like Evidence Explained, Genealogy Standards, and Professional Genealogy.

I’m hoping to discipline and expand the methods I use for my own family history research and prepare myself to better perform research for others. I’d best run. I have an assignment due this weekend, and I want to spend time with Dad tomorrow. Happy Father’s Day to everyone.

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