This is a blog about my family history. I was born and raised and still live in the United States, mostly the Midwest and Southwest, and currently live in Austin, Texas. The blog contains information about American ancestors, mostly from Iowa, as well as those who migrated to America from several nations bordering the North Sea — the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Denmark.

The blog’s title is partly a compromise. You see … all the good family history and genealogy blog names were already claimed, especially those related to roots, trees, and branches. So I went a little farther out and added the leaf. The title is growing on me, though. The leaves help give the branches their uniqueness … their life …  And they’re relatively fleeting … just like us …

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  1. molakes says:

    I have read some of your posts and really enjoyed them!! Lots of different perspectives and content! Is it possible to subscibe to your blog … can’t see a link! Continued good luck on your family search and wonderful story telling!

    • ljhlaura says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words. A button at the bottom should allow you to follow through WordPress, but your great question prompted me to investigate and add an email subscription option in the column at the right. I guess I’m still learning my way around my own blog, so thank you for asking!

  2. I LIKE your blog title! I thought that the minute I saw it. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog – I’ve not done much reasearch into my family, though I have relatives who have. You are on a fascinating quest!

  3. Thank you for adding a comment to my blog about Dutch ancestors because that is how I found your blog! Enjoyed reading it, it is very informative but obviously also because of all your Dutch roots. Like to ask your permission to show your blog in my Dutch ancestors post. If granted can you mail me a list of your Dutch surnames? Of course I can guess, 3 I know for certain, but some may originate elsewhere too. I look forward to your reply. Thanks!

    • ljhlaura says:

      Yes, you may certainly list it! Thank you for compiling that list … I’ve enjoyed going through it. Thanks also for stopping by here — I will email you the names as well …

  4. Thanks for your “like.” I would love to connect via e-mail. I’ve got my own family history bug. A Hendrickson on my maternal side and NW Iowa Dutch on my paternal side. We might just find that we’re two leaves connected by branches somewhere along the way! tomvanderwell@gmail.com.

    • ljhlaura says:

      Very interesting … it’s a small world! My Dutch roots are from NW Iowa and my Hendrickson roots from Central Iowa, so you never know. Thanks for the email address — I’ll drop you a line …

  5. Seenorway says:

    It’s seems we are into the same area with migrations in the old days?
    Noticed that you had visited my blog, the idea being that people in the new world might look up the places where they have their roots and see how it looks there today..

    • ljhlaura says:

      I have a curiosity about Norway, past and present, as descriptions of the places my Norwegian ancestors lived sound quite lovely. Your Norway photos are strikingly beautiful and a joy to see. Thank you for producing your blog and for stopping by this one …

      • Seenorway says:

        How nice. Perthaps I have som photos that outh to be pushed forward? 🙂
        In what part of the country did your Norwegian ancestors live?

      • ljhlaura says:

        From what I know so far, several came from Oppland, with some of those from Lillehammer (specifically, the village of Fåberg) and some from Øyer, while others came from Rogaland, “near Stavanger” (specifically, the Eige or Eike farm). I am still researching other Norwegian ancestors. Thank you for asking!

  6. Mom says:

    Ok, so my lethargic hiney finally got the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award done and up . Whew! The typing this week has been brutal 🙂

  7. Joy Darnell says:

    I have enjoyed reading some of your blog posts and stumbled across your blog while doing a random internet search on Adam Darnell. He is my 4th great grandfather and he and his wife Catherine are buried in the same county in which I grew up. So, in some capacity I assume we are cousins. I wonder, if while living in DC, you might have visited the site of the Darnell estate.

    • ljhlaura says:

      Hello, cousin! Thanks for your note. At the time I was living in D.C., I was unfortunately unaware of the Darnell connection. I am hoping to get back to the area sometime for a family history trip to explore, anew, the areas around Virginia and Maryland. I’d certainly be interested in any information you have to share about the family (LauraJH@aol.com). Very best wishes.

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