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Obadiah Case and the hazy past

Obadiah. The name shows up more than once in my family history, but today’s focus is my 3rd great grandfather, Obadiah James Case, who was born on this date 219 years ago … at the dawn of the 19th century. … Continue reading

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Surname Saturday — street sign discoveries

With my frequent visits to semi-rural cemeteries in recent years, I’ve often found myself in little Iowa towns about which I’ve heard stories but that are otherwise unfamiliar to me. A couple of times I’ve also found myself standing under … Continue reading

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My Father’s House …

In my cemetery sojourns across Iowa last August, my uncle and I left at least one ancestral gravestone better than we found it. With years of natural debris having accumulated and hardened on the shared 1890s grave marker of Joseph and … Continue reading

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