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Obadiah Case and the hazy past

Obadiah. The name shows up more than once in my family history, but today’s focus is my 3rd great grandfather, Obadiah James Case, who was born on this date 219 years ago … at the dawn of the 19th century. … Continue reading

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Petra Hendrickson: Born in Norway, she lived a classic American farm life

“She always had time for me,” Dad said. It’s probably the most important thing I remember my dad saying about his paternal grandmother, Petra Malum Hendrickson. Petra was born in the village of Faeberg, near Lillehammer, Norway, more than 150 … Continue reading

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Her name means ‘narrow bridge’: Happy Birthday, Hendrika Smalbrugge Kreykes

My 2nd great-grandmother Hendrika, a Dutch immigrant to America, was born 181 years ago this weekend. She was born on August 17, 1838, to Jan Smalbrugge and Aleida Horsman Smalbrugge in Rijssen, Overijssel, in the eastern Netherlands. Before I started … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Grandma: Dorothy Hendrickson, 1904 – 1991

My grandmother was born 115 years ago today. Both of my grandmothers were born in March. Today, though, is the 115th anniversary of the birth of my paternal grandmother, Dorothy Mignonette Clausen Hendrickson. Taking cues from other family history bloggers, … Continue reading

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Scandinavian after all … more on DNA

I feel like Ancestry generally gets it right. Dad is of Scandinavian heritage … 68 percent, according to Ancestry. It’s close to what you’d expect for someone with three Scandinavian grandparents — two Norwegian and one Danish. One of his … Continue reading

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So … I had my DNA tested …

Although I am fully American by birth and upbringing, genetically speaking I’ve always known myself to be a product of the people surrounding the North Sea. At least this was my understanding as I embarked on a genealogical DNA test. … Continue reading

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Letters to the Netherlands: May we be childlike and humble …

Not long ago, I learned a saying: “One Dutchman, a theologian. Two Dutchmen, a church. Three Dutchmen, a schism.” There is truth in this. Our great-great grandfather, Jan Willem, migrated to America from the Netherlands with his wife and children in 1889. … Continue reading

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The death of Peder Malum: I wish I’d known him …

In recent years, I’ve come into possession of a lot of information about our Norwegian ancestors who settled in Iowa. Sometimes it’s the result of diligent, focused searching, and sometimes it’s somewhat random … what some would call “luck” but I prefer to … Continue reading

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Missing Grandma …

March 20 was the birthday of my late Grandma Kreykes, who was born back in 1910. I miss her very much. I have strong memories of  my grandmother and think of her often. That’s Grandma in  the middle of the … Continue reading

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Photo mysteries

I have only a few photographs of my great grandmother, Petra Malum Hendrickson. Here she is, on the far right, with her daughter, my great Aunt Bert. I wonder where they were going that day in those smart hats. And who thought … Continue reading

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