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Genealogy DNA Test: Yes or No?

It’s been a few years since I began debating whether to do a DNA test to supplement my genealogy research. Yes, I have all kinds of qualms. And yet it is just so compelling. Why would I even consider it? … Continue reading

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Learning their language

Having recently decided to study Dutch, one of the languages of my ancestors, I have to wonder what took me so long. I’m enjoying it thoroughly. I’ve always loved languages. I studied German and a little French in school … dabbled in … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday: the Iowa GenWeb Project

As someone with substantial roots in Iowa on both sides of my family,  I am grateful for a website that provides a lot of information about the state in one place. The Iowa Genweb Project, part of USGenWeb, is run … Continue reading

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More on locating Dutch ancestors … wie was wie

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the resources available for Dutch genealogy. I’ve had great success using the popular Genlias site to find Dutch records — mostly ancestral marriage records that have helped confirm the names of ancestors’ parents, as well … Continue reading

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In the news … the Clausen siblings

Local newspapers from 1920s Iowa are giving me a tiny window onto my ancestors’ daily lives. These small-town papers provide snapshots of ordinary days — travels and family visits, for the most part — that help paint a picture of … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday — Good Books

One of the joys of family research for me is how much I’m learning about history … especially that which touched the lives of my ancestors and those around them. One way I learn is by reading books that might … Continue reading

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Discovering Hendrick

It’s hard to say just why, but I’m fascinated to start learning more about the man from whom the Hendrickson family derived its name. I’ve always known that Hendrickson means “son of Hendrick,” but it was just a vague historical … Continue reading

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Locating Dutch ancestors

All of my mother’s known ancestors came from the Netherlands and she grew up in a community of predominantly Dutch ancestry, so I’ve always known quite a bit about this part of my heritage. Strands of mystery remained, though, regarding a … Continue reading

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In the news … visiting the Kreykes home

Having recently subscribed to an electronic archive of old newspapers, I’m finding several news items to be compelling for family history research. Brief notices in small-town Iowa newspapers about who is visiting from out of town, who is traveling, and … Continue reading

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They came from Øyer

I still have a lot to learn about geographical references in Norway, but I’ll give this a whirl. It seems some of our ancestors came from Øyer, in the state (or county) of Oppland, about 94 miles north of Oslo and … Continue reading

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