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Crowdsourcing history: telling all the stories

We have a chance now to tell all of the stories … or at least more of them … the ones about farmers, presidents, merchants, generals, laborers, teachers, kings, and homemakers. The technological revolution underway in genealogy has the potential … Continue reading

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Scandinavian after all … more on DNA

I feel like Ancestry generally gets it right. Dad is of Scandinavian heritage … 68 percent, according to Ancestry. It’s close to what you’d expect for someone with three Scandinavian grandparents — two Norwegian and one Danish. One of his … Continue reading

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Genealogy DNA Test: Yes or No?

It’s been a few years since I began debating whether to do a DNA test to supplement my genealogy research. Yes, I have all kinds of qualms. And yet it is just so compelling. Why would I even consider it? … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday: the Iowa GenWeb Project

As someone with substantial roots in Iowa on both sides of my family,  I am grateful for a website that provides a lot of information about the state in one place. The Iowa Genweb Project, part of USGenWeb, is run … Continue reading

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More on locating Dutch ancestors … wie was wie

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the resources available for Dutch genealogy. I’ve had great success using the popular Genlias site to find Dutch records — mostly ancestral marriage records that have helped confirm the names of ancestors’ parents, as well … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday — Good Books

One of the joys of family research for me is how much I’m learning about history … especially that which touched the lives of my ancestors and those around them. One way I learn is by reading books that might … Continue reading

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They came from Øyer

I still have a lot to learn about geographical references in Norway, but I’ll give this a whirl. It seems some of our ancestors came from Øyer, in the state (or county) of Oppland, about 94 miles north of Oslo and … Continue reading

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Why blog?

When I started my family history project, it was a pretty haphazard enterprise. I talked to my family and looked here and there for bits of information that might answer specific questions. About some people, I already knew a great … Continue reading

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