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School’s out.

In the last couple of days I have wrapped up a 15-week, summer class through the Boston University online genealogical research program. It’s been a great deal of work, and I’ve also learned an incredible amount. My research will probably … Continue reading

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Learning genealogy …

While some other folks may be enjoying lazy days or summer travel this season, I’ll be hunkered down with my books and computer studying genealogy. I enrolled in the summer session of the 15-week genealogical research course offered online through … Continue reading

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Dutch genealogy at the NGS conference

The weather was lovely and the tulips downtown were in full bloom for the couple of days I recently spent in Grand Rapids, Mich., at the annual conference of the National Genealogical Society. This was my first time attending this … Continue reading

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Digging up that Irish root …

Having recently discovered an unexpected dash o’ Irish in my heritage, I thought St. Patrick’s Day weekend was a good time for a closer look. My journey toward “becoming Irish” started with a smallish but noticeable bit of Ancestry DNA … Continue reading

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RootsTech Reflections for 2018

I manage to get to RootsTech only every other year, and this was just my second time to attend. While this was a briefer visit than the first, I continue to be impressed by the goals of the conference … … Continue reading

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Rootstech 2018: Day 3

The third day of RootsTech (my second full day) was excellent from top to bottom. The morning session with Scott Hamilton was inspiring, and the breakout sessions were uniformly excellent. Hamilton was interesting and authentic. I wasn’t bored for a … Continue reading

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RootsTech 2018: Day 2

One thing’s for sure about RootsTech … there’s never a lack of things to do. One of the hardest parts is choosing … and staying organized. Today I started with the opening session, listening to Brandon Stanton of Humans of … Continue reading

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RootsTech 2018: Day 1

I arrived late this afternoon in Salt Lake City for my second RootsTech conference. I attended my first back in 2016. It’s an abbreviated RootsTech for me this year, starting with arriving on the first day, rather than the day before. … Continue reading

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More to learn? Genealogy courses and certification

I love to learn. It’s a lifelong habit I seem to have picked up at some point. Learning about something I love as much as genealogy and family history made it easier to get through a course I recently completed. … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing history: telling all the stories

We have a chance now to tell all of the stories … or at least more of them … the ones about farmers, presidents, merchants, generals, laborers, teachers, kings, and homemakers. The technological revolution underway in genealogy has the potential … Continue reading

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