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These are posts related to ancestors who immigrated to the United States from Norway.

Picturing Arne and Marit

I see so much character and history in those faces on the left, and given all that I’ve learned about the people pictured, I wish I could meet and talk with them. By all available accounts, this is Arne and Marit Malum, our … Continue reading

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The death of Peder Malum: I wish I’d known him …

In recent years, I’ve come into possession of a lot of information about our Norwegian ancestors who settled in Iowa. Sometimes it’s the result of diligent, focused searching, and sometimes it’s somewhat random … what some would call “luck” but I prefer to … Continue reading

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Climbing through those Illinois branches

We are a family from Iowa. On both sides. Sure, our grandfather talked about his ancestors being from Illinois, but since he himself grew up in Iowa and his parents are laid to rest there — right in the middle … Continue reading

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They came from Lillehammer

One of the Norwegian branches of our family tree, it seems, passed through Lillehammer long enough for our great-grandmother, Petra, to have been born there. The story is that Petra’s father (shown here) moved from Oyer to Lillehammer for a time before … Continue reading

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Norwegian-American history at the Vesterheim

I’ve been away for a bit and am still catching up with my own blog and those I follow. While I was away, one thing I did was tour a lovely little museum in northeast Iowa that shows the experience … Continue reading

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Maritime Monday: Norway to America through Port of Quebec

When in my research I found suggestions that some of our ancestors, after sailing from Norway, had arrived on the coast of Quebec, rather than New York, my first reaction was skepticism. After seeing such suggestions about more than one … Continue reading

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Discovering Hendrick

It’s hard to say just why, but I’m fascinated to start learning more about the man from whom the Hendrickson family derived its name. I’ve always known that Hendrickson means “son of Hendrick,” but it was just a vague historical … Continue reading

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They came from Øyer

I still have a lot to learn about geographical references in Norway, but I’ll give this a whirl. It seems some of our ancestors came from Øyer, in the state (or county) of Oppland, about 94 miles north of Oslo and … Continue reading

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Haugianerne in my home

So I finally got this framed print hanging on the wall in my living room. It’s called Haugianerne, or The Haugeans. The original was painted by Norwegian artist Adolph Tidemand in 1852 and illustrates an 18th to 19th century spiritual revival movement in the Church … Continue reading


Finding Martin and Petra

When I headed to Iowa last August, one goal was to escape the Texas heat and another was to find the graves of my paternal great-grandparents, Martin and Petra.  Martin was the American-born son of Norwegian immigrants, and Petra emigrated from … Continue reading

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