Branching out with blogging

amishbuggy2_f.jpgOne of the great things about embarking on my family history quest is traveling to the places my ancestors lived in the United States. Over the last few years this has taken me to the Midwest many times, with the added joy of working in extra visits with relatives while I am there. While I have always enjoyed traveling to the heartland, I have developed a special fondness for it in the context of my recent travels. I am also an avid amateur photographer, so I have often found myself trying to capture this region’s special qualities in photos. Much of what I find to photograph, such as the picture above, has no direct association with my family, and the photos I take are too numerous to share in standard social media … so I’ve started a new blog to share my love of this region in photos … and sometimes a few words. I’ve already posted some material from recent years but will be adding to it throughout 2016, using a broad definition of “mid-America.” Feel free to have a look at My Year of Mid-America. In the meantime, I am also working to regain momentum on the family history blogging!

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